HD Brows

HD Brows, Vogue International - Leamington Spa

Christina is our HD Brow Specialist, as well as being a very creative makeup artist and hair stylist - to book your HD Brows appointment call 01926 889738

HD BROWS at Vogue International

HD Brows, Vogue International - Leamington Spa

Celebrity brow beauty is now within your reach

Now, thanks to a unique seven-step brow-shaping treatment, you can have the ultimate in well-groomed, high definition eyebrows. From Hollyoaks to Hollywood, celebrities understand how important your brow shape is to your face...... and that's why they're turning to HD Brows. HD Brows not only puts celebrity beauty within your reach, it is also very affordable. But be warned - once you've tried this celebrity brow treatment, you'll love your new brows so much there'll be no turning back!

Beautifully sculpted brows for everyone

Bespoke design, whether yours are overgrown or over plucked, HD Brows can sculpt your brows into the perfect shape for your face and transform the way you look and feel about yourself.  Our eyebrows are a vital part of your personality. Not only do they frame your face, over 70% of your facial expressions depend on them! And that's why the right brow shape and colour can take years off you.

Pricelist: a HD Brow treatment is £29.50.

This is a one hour treatment which includes tinting and shaping. Christina will also train you in how to maintain your HD Brows between appointments - Ideally 4-6 weeks between appointments to get the best from your HD Brows.

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Last modification: Mon 4 Jun 2018

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