Semi-Permanent Make Up at Vogue

Semi permanent make-up by Definition is a subtle and natural way to enhance your eyes and lips. With Beautiful Brows, Engaging Eyes and Luscious Lips. Ideal for professional or career women with little time for the daily ritual of applying make up.

Beautiful Brows

Brows are one of the most important features of the face. Whether your eyebrows are naturally fair, sparse, too thin or even not there at all, a permanent eyebrow enhancement can create a natural looking fuller eyebrow using fine individual hair strokes mimicking the look of a natural eyebrow hair.

The results give you definition, elevation and facial symmetry.


  • Full brow enhancement (hair strokes) from £375
  • Powdered brow from £375
  • Alopecia brow (complete recreation) from £400

Brows Before

Brows after

Engaging eyes

Our eyes say it all & are the main focal point when we engage with others. This clever technique can give you denser, thicker eyelashes, eye shape and colour emphasis. You can choose from barely there liners to more striking liners and even have fashion colours. Great if you wear glasses, have allergies or play a lot of sports.


  • Eyeliner (Top & Bottom) from £375
  • Eyeliner (Bottom) from £275
  • Enhancement from £300
  • Fashion colours are available on request

Eyes before

Eyes after

Luscious lips

Permanent lip enhancement can create the illusion of more volume and definition, add colour and give you a natural lip line. We have a choice of lip outline & blush which is natural & can enhance your natural lip colour or be bold and choose a fashion colour. No lipstick bleed, no constant re-application just stunning perfect lips 24/7.


  • Lip liner form £325
  • Lip blush from £375
  • Lip colour £400

Lips before

Lips after


  • Colour Boost £275 - (Up to 18months after initial treatment)
  • Rejuvi Non laser tattoo removal - From £200

Who would it benefit?

  • Professional or career women with little time for the daily ritual of applying make up.
  • Women with vision problems or contact lens wearers.
  • Those with allergies to conventional make up.
  • Women  with hair loss due to alopecia or chemotherapy, or who have sparse hair growth
  • Models & women in the public eye who need to look their best at all times.
  • Sportswomen
  • Lack of definition to lip, eyes or brows

How does it work?

After a consultation during which your face shape and colourings are analysed i will “pre draw” your enhancement using a cosmetic pencil. This will determine the shape, thickness and desired look that you want. At this stage i will also test colours on your skin to ensure the correct tone is used. During the treatment it is paramount to me that you are comfortable throughout, so numbing agents are used 15-30mins prior to the start of treatment.

Using the latest digital technology, i will trace over the pre drawn markings allowing the pigments to go into the desired area.

All appointments procedures will take 1-2 hrs & aftercare products are included in the prices.

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Last modification: Thu 14 Apr 2016

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